Stronger Than Ever!

May 22, 2017 3:34 pm
Bryan and Jessica McFarland’s Success Story

Bryan: “Before Alloy, I did many exercise programs, including (embarrassingly) almost every BeachBody DVD. As a former collegiate athlete, I have always stayed in good shape. However, nothing I did propelled me to where I’ve always wanted to be (a bigger and stronger me).

I started Alloy with no preconceptions about how it would change me; actually, I looked at it as a change from my status quo, but did not believe that the effect would be any different than my other workouts. I found out quickly that I was sore in new places, including incredible soreness in my core!

I have been consistently going for one year now, and as a result of that diligence and eating better, I have lost fat and put on serious muscle. My cardio is strong and I’m able to lift weights that I was not able to lift – even in college!”

Jessica: “Before Alloy, I lived a relatively sedentary life, void of working out or active sports. I always understood the importance of working out, but kept putting it off, using my kids’ lives as an excuse not to start. Then, finally, I recognized that I couldn’t take care of anyone until I took care of myself.

I needed to find a gym where I could feel comfortable and not judged. Alloy was exactly what I was looking for, from the knowledgeable trainers to the warm atmosphere. I have been going for one year and have never felt so confident and strong.

I now have ownership of my fitness with no excuses! I remember not being able to complete one rep of some of the exercises at my initial assessment, now I’m asking them to make it tougher! And, bonus: I love how I look in my new slimmer clothes!”


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